Gold Teeth

Gold Teeth

for Péter Forgács – Friday, May 18, 2018
in this Collage Poem all of the lines were taken from an interview and then arranged to make this poem.

We float through these banalities: happy moments,
all these normal things
We? Who is we? Ask a thousand people on the street
I find them empty. Completely empty.
they leave me alone.
It’s interesting to see how people waste their time,
always making all these little mistakes.
and we project it into our future.
Looking at them as they waste their time,
they don’t know that they will die tomorrow
If they knew what was awaiting them…
you don’t see the future.
life is very, very short.
And we can’t avoid it.
Those people with their cameras
photograph themselves in front of the Eiffel Tour.
their properties confiscated.
and their gold teeth will be torn out.
How do we suppress the threat that is coming?
the future you dream of never comes true.

lines taken from: ‘It’s Just a Waste of Time to Walk and Play Tennis’ 
 – Interview with Péter Forgács – André Habib

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