Reduced to Silence is an exploration of language and information.

Through a variety of techniques, Touchon as a cultural hunter/gatherer, accumulates found materials and then edits and rearranges them often through chance operations. The works are experiments in communicating poetically about the fabric of our communication environment. Touchon draws from the landscape of what he calls the ‘Massurreality’ an overarching, humo-centric surrogate reality constructed by humanity using mass media. Our human world is an overlay on the natural world and Touchon’s works are icons addressing of this contemporary condition.

Works in the exhibition are based primarily on collage techniques including typographic abstractions, collage poetry, sound works, video and photography.

This exhibition explores our experience in a world of big data and the proposal that we are now a post-literate society . The human experience today is greatly affected by continual technological expansion and mass media. This exhibition attempts to conceptually deconstruct the common notions that are attached to our identity in this new world, whether its an identity given to us by way of name, race, socio-economic standing, education, religion, occupation and buying habits.